Strategic Guidance & Communications Coaching

Through our strategic guidance and communications coaching, we help clients sort through the vast array of stakeholder interests and coach them on effective approaches to reaching their political and strategic goals. Beginning with a thorough review of the clients needs and culture, WWG provides guidance and coaching that builds long-term capacity for sustained political engagement through thoughtful communications.

With several combined decades of Washington political experience, Working With Government helps clients understand the political environment they may be stepping into as they consider expanding their engagement with the federal government. We offer practical advice on coalition building, grassroots development , PAC coordination and how to effectively and ethically engage directly with federally elected officials.

On the Hill

Our team has experience in preparing both government and private sector employees to communicate effectively with Congress – whether that be testifying at hearings, or meeting with Members and staff. Every point of contact is an opportunity to advance your objectives through strategic relationship building.

Around Washington

If your organization is ready to hire representation in Washington D.C. to lobby directly for you, we can help you make the choice that fits your unique needs. We can also help you understand the diverse and never ending list of trade associations and other specific policy organizations that may already be working on your behalf.

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Coalition building, grassroots development , PAC cooridnation and understanding the political landscape are keys to political success in Washington D.C. We can help you sort through the vast array of stakeholder interests, and coach you through to reach your political and strategic goals.