Events Management

Events, whether a high profile gala or a 15 minute meeting with a member of Congress, are important opportunities to advance your organization’s mission through strategic engagement. As part of our integrated approach to strategic engagement, WWG offers a full array of event management services.

Adept at bringing diverse groups of people together in a political environment, WWG brings decades of experience coordinating events for elected officials, their staffs and constituents, as well as for non-profit organizations, corporations and trade associations. Our objective is to coordinate a valuable experience for you while supporting community and capacity building opportunities for your organization.

 The types of events we have successfully coordinated

• Experiential journeys for Members of the U.S. Congress, their staffs, and constituents to places of historical significance in the U.S. and abroad

• Day-long and multi -day policy forums

• Annual conferences

• Workshops and conferences for federal agencies, NGO’s, trade associations and corporations

• Fundraising and networking events

• Corporate and trade association fly-ins

• Political action committee events

• Briefings for and with elected officials

The WWG team provides strategic, creative, technical, and logistical support

Strategic: WWG conducts a thorough review of client objectives to effectively align client objectives with event opportunities. WWG also assesses fundraising needs and how best to implement a fundraising plan; facilitates budgeting for cost effective event planning; and incorporates capacity building goals into event planning and implementation.

Creative: In Washington multiple events taking place simultaneously every day create a competitive environment. Within this highly competitive environment, taking creative approaches to strategic engagement can the make the difference. The WWG team spends the time with clients on the front end to fully understand the opportunities unique to your organization that will determine concept, design, and content that advance your objectives.

Technical: WWG can coordinate on-line registration, distributing materials, on-line surveys and information gathering, and other web based services that support efficient event management

Logistics: WWG can coordinates all travel and event details including air, hotel, meals, vendors, speakers, press and security.