Educational Workshops

Working with Government, LLC offers educational workshops to help clients navigate the government’s complex environment of clashing policy priorities, competing stakeholder interests and personality driven decision making. Our course material is based on practical, reality-based strategies for communicating and succeeding in the federal arena.

Our goal is to create workshops that best serve the needs of our clients. Unlike other organizations, WWG does not have a “cookie cutter” program where one size fits all. Rather, we will work with your organization to understand your specific need and create workshops that best serve your policy and political goals.

We can provide

• Custom tailored workshops at your annual conferences

• Specialized training to key executives at company headquarters

• Coaching to prepare federal executives for congressional delegation visits to their facilities

• Training to prepare members of an association for a legislative blitz on Capitol Hill.

For us, building internal capacity through education is the cornerstone for strong and effective engagement in the political process.  The better-educated each member of an organization is about the realities of Washington and the political dynamics of policy development;  the more successful it will be when working with leaders and staff in our federal government. If apprised of overall strategies and equipped with a practical understanding of the political environment, members of an organization can provide invaluable support to policy initiatives.

Trade associations, corporations and non-profit organizations have a wealth of constituent contacts and common interests throughout the nation.  If properly prepared and educated, your organization can have a powerful impact on members of the House and Senate as well as federal agencies that function in your district or state.

Through education, Working with Government, LLC can help you achieve your policy objectives and goals while building capacity within your organization for long-term strategic engagement in the political environment.